Office and Commercial Cleaning

Office cleaning and commercial cleaning are at the heart of our business. It is where we began, and where we excel. No matter what your contract cleaning needs, we can provide a contract cleaning service to suit your exact requirements. From single person offices to large office complexes, we have the right staff and cleaning facilities to ensure your offices are kept clean and tidy.

We offer a full range of office cleaning services to all types and size businesses across Kent and London. We are always at the forefront of any new technology and today we are one of the few companies using the revolutionary microfiber technology and is arguably the most significant product innovation to the cleaning industry in the last century. Not only has microfiber proven to reduce time and energy on certain tasks, it is environmentally friendly and rarely requires the use of chemicals.

The office cleaning service is tailored to each individual customer and offers tangible results to serious challenges facing UK businesses today and we guarantee to deliver results and organisational benefits while, at the same time, save money and free up time to focus on your business. Our service is focused on areas most cleaning services overlook, were bacteria tends to accumulate, such as phones, doors, door handles, light switches, shelves and anything else which may come in direct contact with personnel. Please be assured that our operatives will do the entire job at every scheduled appointment ( as per your specifications.). You will not be bound by any contracts until you decide to officially hire Ecoserve Cleaning as your cleaning service provider in Kent or London.