Christmas for poor families

For many families, Christmas is a time of jubilation and joy, but for many families with low incomes, it is just another day of the year. Christmas is a stressful time for poor families, especially for those on strict budgets, and those surviving below the poverty line. Shops are filled with items crying out to be bought. Toys fill shelves, and children wait not-so-patiently for Santa to come.

For poorer families, the presents Santa delivers aren’t nice. For kids in poverty, if they ever get a gift? Santa sources his gifts from China and India rather than the north pole. They’re cheap, they’re affordable, and they ensure something is there to be unwrapped.

Ecuador Appeal

On Saturday 16th April at 18:58 local time (23:58 GMT) Ecuador was struck with the biggest tragedy to hit the country in over seven decades when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook its Pacific coast. The earthquake was centred 27km (16 miles) southeast of Muisne 170 km (105 miles) northwest of the capital Quito.

The death toll currently sits at 659, with more than 7000 injured, and survivors are still being recovered from the rubble. A soccer stadium has been turned into a makeshift emergency center and morgue in one town; detection dogs have been used to find survivors in collapsed malls; and it might take billions of dollars to rebuild what’s been lost.

Homes, schools and health centres have been destroyed. Reports include children being rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings. More than 200 aftershocks have been reported. The situation is evolving rapidly and the number of casualties is rising. When devastating earthquakes like this strike, people need clean water, life-saving food and health care to survive.

The Spanish Red Cross which is helping Ecuador evaluate the extent of its need for assistance said Monday that 70,000 to 100,000 will likely need some sort of aid in Ecuador, and that 3,000 to 5,000 are already in need of temporary housing. Countries have already pitched in to help: Spain sent in 80 rescue experts, Mexico sent 120 workers, Chile sent nearly 50 firefighters, and more groups were sent in by Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Switzerland, Peru and Russia. The United Nations is already preparing an aid airlift for those displaced.

Ecuador deployed 10,000 soldiers and 4,600 police officers to the affected areas. Hundreds of rescuers from eight countries have travelled to Ecuador to help in relief efforts. Troops set up mobile hospitals and temporary shelters. The military also brought in search dogs to help find survivors and bodies.

This is one of the strongest earthquakes to hit Ecuador in decades. We must respond to help the people in need.
Are you ready for this cause?

Burkina Faso

Donation 5648@2x

Ecoserve Cleaning supports the drilling and maintenance of safe water sources in the rural communities of Burkina Faso, Our initial contribution on 2012 was £3,200 to drill a borehole in Ouagadougou rural village of Burkina Faso.

The Studies showed that sixty-three percent of people in Burkina Faso do not have access to safe water within a mile of their homes, in many places where the government and other organizations have provided good water sources, these sources break down due to lack of maintenance and ineffective partnership with the local communities and the problem generally is not lack of water, but lack of infrastructure.

2015 a considerable donation to World Links was made, Ecoserve is endeavour to make this contributions on a yearly basis.

Traditionally, women and young children’s have to travel couple miles to obtain their family’s water suppliers, in many cases forbidden children’s to attend school due to diseases caused by the poor water. Do you believe that everyone deserves something as simple and crucial for life as clean, safe water?

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