It’s no secret that gym-goers sweat, and many do sweat profusely. Even though gym etiquette mandates that equipment be wiped off after each use, keeping equipment clean is insufficient. Cleaning experts can use cleaning chemicals daily to maintain their equipment looking new. Gym members value mirrors because they allow them to observe their form while exercising. Smudged and dusty mirrors are unsightly, and they may deter members from visiting your gym.

The eradication of bacteria and germs is one of the most significant benefits of having your gym cleaned by a skilled commercial cleaning company. Any gym surface, including weights, machines, and mats, can support the growth of bacteria. Cleaning these items with a cloth won’t eliminate the bacteria; commercial cleaning supplies are essential. Many illnesses, such as the common cold or the flu, are transmissible before symptoms appear, so sick people may transfer germs while working out. Cleaning frequently reduces exposure to germs and diseases, resulting in a healthier atmosphere.

A clean and inviting open area has generated several brand positive impressions for members. A clean environment demonstrates that your club is well-kept and sanitary, especially if your locker room and shower facilities have the same aesthetic.

What is the value of a clean club? It is critical to member satisfaction and retention, according to an IHRSA report. According to the study, 90 percent of members were more likely to renew their membership if the club maintained high standards of cleanliness.

Housekeeping services often go unnoticed by club owners making huge decisions about equipment, marketing, workers, and fitness programming often ignore the quality of housekeeping services. But what good are first-rate workout services if members avoid your gym’s locker rooms and other places because they aren’t well-maintained? In fact, according to the IHRSA analysis, poor sanitation can reduce non-dues revenue across the board because members are repulsed by filthy spaces and can’t wait to leave.

It’s also beneficial to one’s health. Some cold and flu viruses can persist for up to 72 hours on surfaces. Furthermore, many cleaning treatments are ineffective at removing them.

You must hold your maintenance services to the same high standards as the rest of your club. It’s critical for brand loyalty and reputation.

Everyone should be involved in providing janitorial services, regardless of whether you contract with contractors or hire your employees. Club owners should undertake five phases of maintenance awareness:

  1. Understand and express the reasons for keeping the club clean.
  2. Re-evaluate and communicate cleaning procedures.
  3. Inspect the club regularly.
  4. Encourage employees to take personal responsibility.
  5. Encourage members to be clean-club ambassadors.

However, it’s more than just being aware that makes a difference. The process works in the same way. When it comes to your maintenance team, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What method are they using to clean?
  • What kind of merchandise do they employ?
  • Do they have a laundry service, or do your laundry facilities?
  • How are towels collected and laundered if you have a towel service?

It is crucial to ask these questions because incorrect cleaning can do more harm than good.

The cleanliness of your club depends on your laundry services, mainly if towel service is available. Why?

Some commercial laundries cut costs by combining many potentially contaminated products. Consider the following scenario: A locker room floor is cleaned with a mop. The mop head is then tossed in with the rest of the laundry at the club. Microbes and germs will linger on the mops and spread to other materials in the same load unless that laundry business has meticulously regulated the temperature and cleaning solutions. As well as rarely cleaning the mop head, the bacteria have spread to the towels.


Germs and bacteria may be found almost anywhere, but they’re especially prevalent at gyms and fitness centers, where many individuals sweat heavily daily. As a result, gyms must maintain a high level of cleanliness to protect their employees and consumers. A professional gym cleaning service ensures no bacteria or diseases spread in your gym.

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It’s important to understand that cleaning is one thing, but avoiding the spread of bacteria and diseases is quite another.


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