Growing up, we all learned the principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to limit waste generation. However, today plastic has become one of the most dangerous pollutants all over the world.

Unlike paper and food waste, plastic materials could take millions of years to decompose. Therefore, recycling plastic is of paramount importance.

For recycling, plastic objects are sorted by their resin type first. The most common process is by shredding these or by purifying them, converting the mass into pellets to be used later by other manufactures.

Are you trying to manage the waste coming out of your  or office properly? Ecoserve Cleaning can offer you a cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste collection service throughout London. The service is available 24/7/, 365 days a year! The company facilitates the collection of a variety of waste such as general waste, mixed recycling, cardboard, paper, food, and confidential waste. Our zero-to-landfill waste collection and ecofriendly deep cleaning services in London, in a small way, can contribute to conscious living.

Methods for recycling plastics-

Thermal Depolymerization- Convertsplastics into petroleum.

Heat Compression- Plastic put in a blender and melted into petroleum.

Distributed Recycling- Recycling plastic for electronic devices.

But How Can you Recycle or Limit Plastic?

Recycling plastic requires special equipment! General people like us don’t have this lying around the house. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Here is what Ecoserve experts recommend to do-

  • Become Aware: Read and observe the types of plastics used by you daily. Find ways to reuse these around the house.
  • Separate the plastic garbage: If you are not interested in recycling plastics at , you can simply separate the trash and ensure that the plastic waste is kept in one place.
  • Minimize plastic use: Try not to accumulate too many single-use plastic objects in your household.
  • Bring reusable bags for shopping: Bringing a cloth or jute bag for shopping helps you limit theplastic bags needed in a grocery store.
  • Re-use comes before recycle: Find a purpose for all the plastic objects before tossing everything in the recycling bin.

Prepare Plastic Bottles for Recycling-

  1. Wash the bottles: Clean the bottle before you start doing anything with it.
  2. Remove paper tags: Keep the paper away from plastic.
  3. Crush the bottles: This way, you can put them in a bag for transportation to the local recycling factory.

If reusing and recycling plastic seems tedious to you, Ecoserve can help! Our experienced staff collects all the waste, securely disposing of it after office cleaning in London.

Our decontamination cleaning service combined with general waste and mixed recycling collection is potent if you plan to reopen your office in the coming months.

After months of lock down, your house or office might need a spruce up and booking the carpet cleaning services can help you achieve that. Our consultants can customize a cost-effective cleaning and waste collection package for your household or business. Call us today for enquiries!


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