Looking for a professional office cleaning company in London? Whatever your business happens to be, keeping your offices clean and sanitised is crucial – something we have all learned since early 2020. There are two ways that you can achieve this, depending on individual needs and/or budget.

You can either employ cleaners, full or part-time, or you can employ the services of a professional and fully certified cleaning company.

There are pros and cons to both of these options, naturally. There are more advantages when you hire a professional office cleaning company like Ecoserve Cleaning though. Contracting professionals means you have access to the kinds of services that are based on vast experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Attention to detail, as well as competence, you can begin allowing customers and staff back to the workplace safe in the knowledge that all appropriate surfaces are not just clean, but sanitised.

Before hiring the first company you think of, or the one that has paid advertisements on search engines, there are things you need to consider. With that in mind, here are our 7 tips for hiring a professional office cleaning company in London.

1 Familiarise yourself with their ethics, availability, and competitiveness.

When going through the interview stage of a given office cleaning company, gather as much detail as you can. The kinds of things you want to look for at this stage include making sure that operating hours fit with yours. If they cannot be available at the days and times that you require, there is little point in continuing.

Their pricing structure is the next thing to look at here, learning this will make it much easier for you to compare them with other companies that you have shortlisted. You may also want to ask about their hiring and training policies, to make sure their staff have the skills required to meet your needs.

2 Take time to learn their past performances.

The past performance, or reputation, of a company, can tell you a lot about the service quality. If the company is serious about reputation, they will have reviews somewhere. The most popular review service is Google’s. Many companies use this because it is reliable and free, but there are many others on the internet that you search for.

When you have found reviews for a few office cleaning companies in London, you can compare them. Are there more positive than negative reviews? What did the negative reviews, if there are any, say? Sometimes negative reviews are ‘unfair’ or fake, these are usually easy to spot, though, so don’t just take the rating itself at face value – read the comments too.

All in all, you need to be looking for an office cleaning company that has their competence, experience and reliability commented on favourably.

3 Check the credentials of your shortlisted office cleaning companies.

Commercial cleaning companies need two things before they should be even considered – they should be licensed and fully insured. For the insurance, you need to make sure that they have liability insurance and also worker’s compensation insurance.

If you can’t find the relevant information (it really should be displayed on their website) ask if they employ direct or hire independents. This can be quite telling because if they hire directly, they are much more likely to be insured against accidents and injuries.

4 Find out if their office cleaning staff are properly trained.

If an office cleaning company in London, or anywhere else, of course, has a defined cleaning process then it will normally have a checklist for cleaning staff. If they do, ask to see it to check whether or not it covers your needs and requirements. 

It might be a good idea to ask about the products they use, too. The cleaning products should be safe and not just effective, and this means safe for the environment as well as people that use and are around them.

5 Ask about their quality control.

Choosing a local company with a professional quality control in place is always the better option. This is because, the closer they are to your premises, the faster they will be able to respond if you require their help quickly. If you can meet someone from the company in person, so you can discuss things face to face, then is also beneficial.

While speaking with them, ask if their London based office cleaning company is managed in London or somewhere else in the country. An entirely local company is better because it can remove any potential barriers.

6 Ask to see their Data Safety Sheets and COSHH Assessments.

All companies within the cleaning industry, regardless of size, are legally required to complete Risk Assessments and method statements. This applies to every contract they have. They must also have a Health & Safety competent employee or an outside H&S consultant.

As well as the above, cleaning companies must also have an MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) for each chemical-based product that they use. These sheets contain details concerning the associated risks of using the products and what other products they may react with.

Everyone working with or around these chemicals need to be able to access these sheets.

7 Ensure that their cleaning practices safeguard against COVID-19.

The majority of professional office cleaning companies in London, such as Ecoserve Cleaning, have specific measures in place for employees to minimise the risk of spreading COVID. You should discuss these with the company to make sure that the system they have in place is robust enough for your working environment.

Choosing a professional office cleaning company in London involves more than just finding someone that can vacuum or empty the bins. It is about finding a company that doesn’t make your office space look clean, but also sanitary.

The best of these companies go beyond your requirements, making sure that areas such as entry points and anywhere else bacteria and viruses accumulate are thoroughly disinfected.  Choosing a company that places as much importance on hygiene as it does on visual cleanliness is going to create a healthier environment to work in.

From desks and furniture to flooring and windows, a professional office cleaning company in London can handle any task you assign them and more.

Visit our services page for more detail on the various cleaning services that we provide. For a free no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today.


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