Office cleaning and disinfection is a top priority right now! After returning to work during the pandemic, both employees and clients want to prioritise cleanliness and health. While most managers don’t think their office is dirty, there are a lot of high touch zones accumulating germs, dirt, dust, and grime. 

The carpet, bathrooms and kitchen area tiles, and those hard-to-reach corners, need to be cleaned regularly to keep diseases at bay.

Firstly, what is a Regular Office Cleaning Service?

It includes routine cleaning jobs done on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. If you are using traditional cleaners, ensure that they mop or vacuum the floors, clean bathrooms, empty trash cans, wash dishes and tidy the kitchen area. They need to dust and wipe desks as well as other furniture pieces once or twice every week.

Keep reading to know why regular cleaning is essential for you, your employees and clients-

Fewer Employees take Sick Days 

If the workspace remains clean and sanitised, there are fewer possibilities of getting sick. Employees taking unplanned leaves, interrupt the overall productivity, proving to be a glitch in the system. Also, try to keep sanitisers at the entrance and exit of the office.

Creates a Safer Environment

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to create a safe environment for people to work and interact in a workspace. With the increased risk of COVID infection, regular disinfection is crucial to make workers feel at ease. Ecoserve even makes sure to use toxin-free and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for all the commercial cleaning services.

Appear Professional & Responsible 

A clean space signifies you are serious about your reputation and take care of people visiting the office. You surely don’t want to have a messy and dirty office for a surprise client visitation. A regular cleaning schedule helps you to be always ready! 

Increases Employee Productivity

No one is interested in working in a dirty restaurant, office building, or room. If they are distracted by their workspace, how can we expect them to give optimum effort? Employees tend to take better care of their assigned space if it is already in prime condition. And they can focus on their task rather than cleaning at the start of the day.


With Ecoserve, you can find all the Office Cleaning London services under one roof! Plus, you can customise the package as per your requirement. We pride ourselves on providing affordable cleaning services with optimum results. With professional cleaners, you don’t have to worry about damages and theft. In the long term, this proves to be a cost-effective option. And regular cleaning helps to tackle problems like mould, fungus and carpet staining early.

Maintaining Equipment and Tools

A clean workspace can extend the life of expensive equipment like computers, copiers, printers, electronics, and reduce productivity issues in future.

How often should you Schedule Commercial Cleaning Services?

Hiring a professional office cleaner won’t interrupt your regular workday. Many companies, like Ecoserve, can operate according to your schedule and ensure that your space is cleaned at the most convenient time, be it in the night. 

The regularity of professional cleaning depends on your requirement. Look at your space and book services accordingly. 

Most offices choose to get a professional cleaning done nightly and set the assigned area in order. Go for deep cleaning once a month, as this is a shared space that gets humid pretty quickly. You can also add on services like disinfection, carpet and drain cleaning to your list.

Get in touch for your free quotation and consultation here! For more cleaning tips and hacks, read other blogs on our website. 


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