Companies planning to welcome back their workforce must hire efficient office cleaning services during pandemic. Business owners need to ensure optimum cleanliness and sanitation to have the best presentation for customers visiting the premises. Both employees and clients prefer to work and interact in a clean office where proper COVID cleaning guidelines are implemented. 

If you have a medium to a larger workforce going in and out of the office, you need to hire a company providing commercial cleaning services. They can clean everything for you regularly and sanitize the high-touch points in the space.

The most convenient way to achieve excellent services is to onboard a professional cleaning company like Ecoserve

Considering the way things are done here at Ecoserve, we provide 24*7 services. Therefore, cleaning can be done after hours when the office employees aren’t present.

Ecoserve office cleaning services include-

  • Vacuuming of all floor surfaces and carpeting.
  • Cleaning and polishing hardwood, vinyl, and tiled floors.
  • Dusting all furniture, window sills, counters, along with other sections.
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning bathrooms as well as toilets, sinks, floor, and replacing paper items.
  • Cleaning of kitchen and eating areas.
  • Emptying dustbins and waste collection.

The cleaning service package is customized to include the client’s cleaning requirements. If the office was left locked for a long time, our experts recommend booking deep cleaning services in London.

Ecoserve office cleaning services includ

4 Benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services

  • Experienced Staff– By hiring professionals, you can benefit from their distinct expertise and training. Good cleaning companies have trained staff for various cleaning needs and methods. It means that you should expect high-quality cleaning services each time they visit your office. Cleaners implement best practices to guarantee that all surfaces are germ-free, odour-free, and sanitized, providing value for your money. Regular cleaners can cause damage and are highly unlikely to deliver the same results as professional cleaning companies guarantee!
  • Security Reasons– There are files, documents, and equipment stored in the office. Professional cleaners assure that nothing will go missing during their cleaning process, and nothing shall be damaged. This way you can relax, knowing your office is in good hands.
  • Quality Customer Service– Ecoserve Cleaning has efficient customer satisfaction and feedback channels. After every clean, we record feedback from our clients and check that the assigned area is left shinning once all the required work is finished. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your facility is being cleaned most safely.
  • Productivity Boost- Research has shown that a clean work environment boosts productivity. Employees feel motivated and can concentrate on their tasks in a clean, and organized environment. On the other hand, a dirty, cluttered or messy workspace can negatively impact workflow. By hiring high-quality cleaners, you can reduce the need for your regular workers to stop their task to clean their area first. It enables them to be more productive and robust in their daily work. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can help you enhance the overall morale and productivity of your staff.
  • Effective disinfection equipment & cleaning products- For proper COVID-19 disinfection, cleaner needs equipment, the right formulation of cleaning products and the correct technique. We have trained staff for fogging and other COVID-19 specific services.
  • Customized Packages- Every workspace has its unique cleaning requirements. At Ecoserve Cleaning, we can make a package that is tailor-made to your needs. You can call us at 074 1593 0272 for a free quote! 

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