The 2020 pandemic impacted the business world! Most of us were working from the safety of our home. But things are opening up now, and even offices are inviting their employees back to the workspace. 

With most of the population getting vaccinated, public places are opening up, and people are coming out to work and interact. The situation is improving, but the pandemic is still on the brink, and we need to adapt to the ‘New Normal’.

Employers are trying to recreate the office space through commercial disinfection cleaning services, for a virus-free and safe place for on-site employees. Many companies have already made design changes for this purpose.

Here are some office cleaning tips to ensure the safety of employees-

Less Crowded Office Space to Maintain Clean Office

Emptier office spaces will be normal as we move forward. The mandatory stay at home order made some employers understand that a lot of today’s cloud-based jobs can be done from home. 

With new variants of the COVID Virus diagnosed at present, it is recommended to continue working from home. Only essential and those ready to follow all the precautionary steps should come into the office.

As this would be a closed space, design should enable social distancing for the employees. Shielding can also be introduced for safety. Portable sneeze-guards can be used while having an office meeting with clients or co-workers.

Sanitization Supplies to Maintain Office Cleanliness

Combining Work from Home and Office

Installing sanitization stations is crucial. Infected surfaces can easily spread COVID among the occupants and later to their families. It would start the vicious cycle again! 

Anyone who enters the office, sanitizes their hands at the entrance while going out of the restrooms and exiting the building. Provide stations all over the office and sites with a hand sanitizer or a hand-washing sink.

Keep surfaces clean all the time! High-touch areas like door handles, railings, and countertops should be sanitized at regular intervals. Small dispensers that spray or disperse sanitizing solutions can be installed around desks and doors.

Combining Work from Home and Office

You can divide the workweeks into days to attend the office and on the remaining days to work from home. There will be a rotation of people in the office, and fewer co-workers will share their space at a time. 

COVID can also spread through the air, even when we are working with masks. Maximize the space between people and minimize shared airspace.

Enable good ventilation, even open windows can significantly reduce the risk of airborne transmission. Air purifiers are the best way to quickly clean the atmosphere of any lingering particles in any part of the office.

Ecoserve provides effective Disinfection Office Cleaning services in London. Here are the benefits of our COVID-19 specialized services-

· Decreases the risk of cross-contamination because of touch application processes

· Disinfects hard-to-reach cleaning surfaces

· Uses on average 65% fewer chemicals per square foot than conventional cleaning

Get in touch with us to avail all office cleaning services in one place!


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