Whether it is a shared office space or your sweet home, carpets accumulate a lot of dirt. They can even look clean, depending on the colour, despite holding onto dirt, crumbs, grime, even carpet bugs and bacteria.

In this article, we will share ways to keep the carpet clean and when to hire professionals for carpet cleaning services.
Regularly Cleaning is Crucial!

Bringing outside shoes and even dirty feet from the yard, dropping food, and constant dust might not seem a big deal. But trust us, your carpets need a deep clean regularly!

People sharing the space can develop health issues that you would potentially not link to dirt. Even your pets can be affected. Consider the constant contact; carpets breed dust mites, bacteria, allergens, mould, and even insects. These are microscopic colonies invisible to the human eye. Mites can even destroy your carpet fibres and cause discolouration.

Signs of a Dirty Carpet

Discolouration- Noticeably discoloured patches are an easy sign to detect mite infestation. But it could also be the sun fading in case of longer direct sunlight exposure.

Looks Lifeless and lacks bounce- It loses the comfortable feel to it and feels limp, it’s time for carpet-deep cleaning.

Vacuum bag accumulates a lot of dirt- While cleaning if you notice the vacuum bag getting full quickly or gathering an unusual amount of dirt, it needs some extra care.

Visible Stains- This is a no brainer! Having coffee and pet accident stains gives an untidy look to the entire space.

Start here for cleaning London office as well as carpets at home.

Regular vacuum cleaning can increase the life of carpets. Consider moving furniture to remove dust settling under them.


As per the size and material, choose a good carpet shampoo. Certain carpet cleaners have anti-stain protection, such as Scotch guard, to prevent future staining accidents. For larger carpets, buy hoovers that can both remove dirt and shampoo your carpet simultaneously.

Carpet foam

Carpet foam is helpful for emergencies! It lifts the fluid and dirt off the carpet quickly, before it could leave a stain. It is simple to use, you just have to spray and wait some time. Try not to scrub the stain out, as it can cause wear and tear, and push the stain deposition deeper into the fibres.

When is the right time to hire professionals?

If these cleaners are not completing the task, and your carpet is lacking the look you want, it’s time to hire a professional cleaning company like Ecoserve.

Ecoserve carpet cleaning services provide:

  • High-grade, eco-friendly, effective commercial carpet cleaning products and equipment approved as per the industry standards.
  • Faster drying carpets, fabrics, and upholstery.
  • Trained and experienced in fabric evaluation and care.
  • Service arrangements to suit your convenience

Replacing carpets can be extremely costly! And these carpets and hard floor cleaning London services can improve the appearance and feel of any living and working space. Get in touch with us today!


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