Washing the windows is a chore in itself and has its DO’s and DONT’s to ensure squeaky clean glass panes. So we have made a list of window cleaning mistakes made while taking care of our home windows.

Each window material has a specific maintenance guide. You can cause damage by using the wrong tools, cleaning solutions and home remedies. Here we have Ecoserve London window cleaning experts explaining practices one should refrain from while cleaning the home windows.

1.   Don’t use kitchen paper for wiping windows.

Kitchen paper can’t be used for polishing the glass as paper can stick to wet surfaces. It can leave spots and leave small strings on the glass surface. You will have to start the cleaning process again. Pick a lint-free cotton fabric mop or buy a few microfiber cloths for your windows.

2.   Don’t use newspapers.

There are many other ways to repurpose your daily newspapers than polishing glass surfaces. The paper can tear into small pieces and leave dirt on the glass. Some newspapers also release black ink and spot the windows.

3.   Say no to harsh materials to remove stubborn dirt.

We know removing tough stains, and dirt is frustrating, and you want the easiest method to clean up. If you plan to use rough brushes or scrub pads, we need to stop you. It could remove the bird faeces or other grainy dirt particles, but hard scrubbing can scratch the windows or the frames and ruin the entire look.

Window Cleaning Mistakes You Should Stop Making Immediately

4.   Using the wrong window cleaning solutions.

Window cleaning solutions contain toxic chemicals that can impact your health, causing allergies, respiratory problems, skin eruptions, if exposed for a long time. These can draw dust which is not effective. In fact, the solution of white vinegar, lemon, dish soap, and water is much better, if you can’t find natural market bought cleaners.

5.   Is it the right weather for window washing?

Did you know cleaning windows on the hottest day or time of the day can leave your glass looking dirty with water stains? Chose a cloudy day or a cooler time of the day to clean. And it is much more pleasant to clean with a slight breeze coming into your home. The right temperature for cleaning the windows is around 21°-23°C.

6.   Are you using the wrong technique for window cleaning?

Try moving from the top down and use an S-technique this time. It gives a smear-free glass!

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