London weather is unpredictable, especially with irregular rain spells! Sometimes the excess humidity can lead to a damp smell in your home and workspace. Here is a simple deep cleaning guide to get rid of the damp smell-

Remove any damp thing 

Exposed damp materials and fabrics can hold both spores and smell unless professionally handled. Leaking or condensing pipe can develop mildew, and you won’t even see the damage for months.

Find the source

If you find the cause early, the smell won’t become as severe as in case of delay. Check leaky pipes, faucets, taps, poor insulation, and areas with dense condensation. Also, have a look at clogged gutters as the building moisture leads to microbial growth. Inspect these areas regularly and clean them if required. 

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If you find a fungal growth, treat it with this DIY solution. However, if overdone it can damage the fabric, you should get rid of the damp thing. Mix boric acid, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water in 1:2:2:4 parts and apply it to the area.

Ecoserve provides cost-effective commercial cleaning services for your home and office guttering system. Contact the team today

How to Remove Mouldy Odours Spreading through DIYs?

  • Fill charcoal in an open jar and leave it near the source of the smell. Repeat this often.
  • Boil lemons or lemon peels to cover the bad smell. Pour the mixture in a sprayer bottle when it cools down and spray it in your entire space.

To Remove the Damp Smell from a Room, Follow These Guidelines:

  • If any of your clothing smells damp, wash it with a bit of vinegar mixed with your laundry detergent. Repeat it with bedding, curtains, pillows, etc.
  • Infested walls should be treated with a mixture of water and baking soda.
  • Scrub window sill with mould with a brush after applying a solution of bleach and lukewarm water.
  • Check bathroom and kitchen sink grouts for mould and scrub.
  • Add soda and run a few cycles for dishwashers and washing machines.

Tips to Keep The Damp Smell Away-

  • Fresh air circulation and ventilation are essential for any home and office space.
  • Air out cupboards, drawers and cabinets often.
  • Wipe damp-exposed exteriors with a mix of water and bleach.
  • Use air purifiers and dehumidifiers to stop condensation.

These tips can help you find the source, get rid of the odours and keep your space smelling fresh for a longer time. Though, with excessive fungal growth, simple DIYs may not be that effective.

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  • Covers 360-degrees of assigned area
  • Reaches hard-to-reach cleaning spaces
  • Eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning solutions used for cleaning

It Includes:

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Regular deep cleaning and disinfecting can stop mould from building. Have a good cleaning routine or call in professionals from Ecoserve for home and office cleaning in London.


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